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Renew your passion for your art, while you gain the confidence to
become the best dance person that you can be!

Rhee Gold, owner and director, has created a unique home away from home that welcomes a world-wide following of dance school owners and teachers. The objective is simple; create a beautiful place to learn, share and rejuvenate the dance spirit.

It is not a convention or a conference. It is an intimate setting for the mind, body and soul of the dance teacher. Retreats often challenge beliefs, while offering the tools to venture into the future with new skills for success within the classroom,  the business and in life.

Confidence in who you are and what you believe is right. 

Reignite the fire that inspired you to become a dance educator in the first place.
Grow, learn and explore!

One of the truly amazing things about the DanceLife Retreat Center, people walk in as strangers and end with hugs as new friends. It's a really special place! ~Matt Elliott

This was an amazing 6 days! Thank you doesn’t seem like enough . . . already planning my trip back. Thank you for pouring into us all! ~Jillian Hibbard Blakemore 

Bye, bye Boston and the retreat center. Every moment there was inspirational and educational. I arrive “Lost” and leave “A New Woman.” I can’t thank you enough Rhee Gold, Sandi Duncan and staff for your words and kind hospitality. ~Genesa Faragalli Kenney

Thank you for one of the most enlightening and enriching weekends of my life! I left feeling invigorated, focused and inspired. Life is dance and dance is life. ~Karen Washburn