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After 8 years in business, I traveled to the retreat center to revamp and start fresh. To say it was life-changing is an understatement! I’m so proud to say in just a few short months, my goal was accomplished. With a complete overhaul of my operations, schedule, and use of space, I reached 200 students. The best part- they just keep coming!

Thank you for giving me the boost I needed to take my business to the next level. I always knew it was possible, but truly needed the experience at the center to push me forward. Thank you from the bottom of my 💚. ~Mary Knestrick

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Business Retreats

We challenge studio owners to push through boundaries and take their business to a new level. Summer 2018 features a series of brand-new seminars that are guaranteed to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit to help you to achieve personal and financial success.

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Movement Retreats

Our movement seminars are focused on giving you a fresh outlook on the dance life, in and out of the classroom. From revisiting proven methods for teaching technique to examining the latest trends on curriculum and music, you will be ready to engage your students.

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Motivational Retreats

In a small group setting, Rhee Gold and guests will facilitate a retreat to rejuvenate your dance spirit. Join like-minded teachers and studio owners who live the life as you revitalize your passion to be the best mentor, leader, teacher (studio owner) that you can be.

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Competition Jump Start

October 13 & 14
Drew Burgess, Michael Taylor & Rhee Gold

Talking Business w/ Hedy Perna

October 21
Hedy Perna

Essentials to Build a Strong Studio

November 10 & 11
Rhee Gold & Julie Kay Stallcup

Ballet, Contemporary & Choregroaphy

Fridays: Oct. 26 - Nov. 16
Kathy & Katie Kozul

Project Motivate

October 27 & 28
Rhee Gold & Guests

Dance Studio for the Dance Teacher

Wednesdays: Oct 24 - Nov 14
Sandi Duncan

This weekend was inspiring! Thank you Rhee Gold for keeping our passion going and going! 
~Christine Proia Farrar

One of the truly amazing things about the DanceLife Retreat Center, people walk in as strangers and end with hugs as new friends. It's a really special place!
~Matt Elliott

Attending this weekend was not only great for my business but also for my soul. 
~Tammy Paolino Bolduc

It's all about you with 34 like-minded and passionate dance people who strive to become better in the classroom, in business and in life. Whether you're taking or observing classes in the huge, rustic studio space or brainstorming by the pool you will appreciate the laid-back atmosphere and the up-close and personal interaction. All of your meals, snacks and beverages are complimentary.

I have so many incredible things I could say about my time at DanceLife retreat but I'll keep it short and simple. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge with us choreographers and teachers. You and Rennie are brilliant human beings. I can't wait to come back!  ~Emily Lutes (Thompson)