2 brand new seminars


July 8 & 9


July 26 - 28


Michelle Cote, Maureen Gelchion,
Rhee Gold, Kim Hale,
Melissa Hoffman, Hedy Perna

Double Up: Dance Studio Owner Retreats

(All New  dance studio owner seminar!) THE NEXT LEVEL: SUCCESS TO AMAZING SUCCESS | 7/8-9

A brand new business retreat for forward-thinking dance studio owners and their management staff.

Be relevant and unstoppable in a climate of change

Dance studio owners have witnessed the major evolution of dance education during the past couple of decades. New generations have pioneered progressive styles and techniques that have become mainstream curriculum. Competitions and other performing opportunities have become a major part of the educational and business process, and dance is an integral part of the American culture. Explore a series of creative solutions and strategies to maintain your edge while you hang on to your core values and principles.

Design a Life Experience for your students

Build loyalty, educate and retain with a product/service that's even more than making the best dancers. Offer quality teaching for the body with life lessons for the mind and soul. As a dance studio owner, you can inspire great dancers while you use the art of dance to mold good citizens who become successful adults.

  • A full year of school-wide, monthly theme concepts (dance and non-dance) that involve ALL students (and their families). Includes customizable plans and tools to get you started.
  • A series of simple progress,  milestone and recognition models for students of all ages, designed to build community and encourage student achievement in and out of the studio
  • In-studio family and friends events
  • Charitable/philanthropic concepts that teach citizenship and involve all of your students
  • Community events to promote dance, its benefits, and your business

 Big Buck Brainstorm

A special session led by Rhee offering attendees the chance to share and explore "out of the box" concepts to generate new income.

Manage multiple projects and deadlines

Do you ever feel like you can't get anything done because everything needs your attention? The reality is that it's not a bad thing; you have made many sacrifices to build your successful business, and now it's time to take it to the next level.

  • What to do first and why — when it's ALL a priority and expectations are high
  • Innovative methods that keep you on track through changing priorities, deadlines, last-minute adjustments, uncertainty, crises, and chaos
  • The art of delegation and accountability

New Frontiers in Social Media

Explore the latest platforms and learn strategies to remain relevant in an always evolving social media world.

  • Insta-Story Strategies
  • Branding for Instagram
  • Less Selling, More Sharing
  • Social Media Platforms to Make a Priority
  • Measuring Social Media Success
  • Managing your Reputation on Social Media

Master your meetings

Lead productive, to the point business gatherings with 10 customizable agendas including action lists for meetings with parents, faculty, office employees, performing groups, competitive dancers/parents, and more.

Exceptional office manager

Together we'll identify your needs and expectations; put it in writing and create a job description. You'll have an opportunity to work with a template to create your personalized, new office manager handbook.

Bonus: Field Trip: Dream Studio

Attendees will have a chance to tour the brand new home of Art in Motion Academy of Dance, owned by Melissa Cottreau, located 2 miles from the DanceLife Retreat Center. It's a 6,000 square foot state of the art facility with three classrooms, a dancewear store, a birthday party room, a waiting area with high-tech viewing and more. Whether you're considering building your facility or thinking about enhancing what you have, this particular session will leave you with a ton of ideas. Attendees can participate in a Q&A with Melissa Cottreau regarding both the financial and building process.

FEATURING: Rhee Gold, Maureen Gelchion & Kim Hale

Dance Studio Owner: Seminar #1

(All new, dance studio owner seminar) OPERATIONS MANUAL A-Z AND A WHOLE LOT MORE | 7/22 - 24

A business retreat for school owners

All dance studio owners love the art of dance and possess an undeniable desire to pass it on to the next generation. Initially many are successful because their schools are small; offering them time to build relationships and go beyond expectations with customer service while they create systems to keep it all organized.

The result is everything any dance studio owner would want: a growing enrollment, additional faculty and staff, and finally, classrooms filled with dancers! Nonetheless, the growth appears a bit chaotic to their loyal customers. The quality that created the business success slowly diminishes because there are many people involved who don’t have the proper tools to maintain your standards and your vision.

7 Reasons Why You Need an Operations Manual

  1. It’s your livelihood--your experience, intellectual property, financial investment, and sacrifice created the systems and procedures that generate the profits. Documenting your unique master design of actions and strategies will help you to lead a professional and productive operation.
  2. Improve customer service, communication, organization and education with clear expectations and systems to guide your faculty and staff to maintain the standards that have built your success.
  3. Help new faculty and staff members quickly get up to speed with written job descriptions, expectations, policies, checklists and more. Your professionalism and organization will make a perfect first impression on all future employees.
  4. Improve efficiency with documented “how-to” steps that will keep your team from over-relying upon you. You won’t need to tell people something again and again.
  5. Increase reliability so that your clientele will know what to expect from your school and you can count on your staff delivering what you promise. Once you have all policies and procedures in writing, you ensure consistency from your team.
  6. Create freedom in your life! Take a vacation or personal time without worry because you know that you will return to a well-oiled machine.
  7. Increase the value of your business. Don’t be disappointed because your company value is not the same as a different business with the same gross revenues. The reason? The system is the owner! Creating quality documentation that will allow others to step in to run your business will increase the value of your asset.

Requirements: A laptop with Microsoft Word and a USB port.

Throughout the retreat, there will be several bonus business seminars with many concepts to generate more revenue and become a smarter business owner. Below are some of those workshops.

Financial Future 101 for Dance Studio Owners

Whether you've been in business one year or fifty, it's always the right time to strategize your financial future. Financial Planner, Michelle Cote, guides attendees through the basics of saving, investing and financial planning in language that is clear, accessible and lively; making difficult concepts understandable to the novice and enjoyable to those who already have some understanding.

Bundling Fundamentals

Save yourself and your clientele the headache of billing for each and every item needed by your students. Explore a variety of bundling options for everything from tuition and costuming, to recital and dancewear packages. It changes everything because your clientele won’t feel like they are being asked for money every time that they walk into the studio.

The Business of Preschool

Dance studio owner Melissa Hoffman has an extremely successful preschool program that continues to grow and evolve. In this session, she will share several preschool program models that work, the fundamentals of building a successful preschool program and who makes the best teachers so that you ensure student retention long into the future.

How Much is My School Worth?

Evaluate the current value of your business and strategies to increase that value over time. It's information that every dance studio owner should know.

Featuring: Rhee Gold, Hedy Perna, Michelle Cote and Melissa Hoffman

Dance Studio Owner: Seminar #2

seminar fee includes: complimentary meals, transportation to and from the hotel & all notes and/or manuals

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Summer 2017 Schedule of Events

July 8 & 9 | $499 | Rhee Gold & Maureen Gelchion

July 10-13 | $796 | Drew Burgess, Tiffany Henderson, Julie Kay Stallcup & Becca Retter

July 14 & 15 | $398 | Drew Burgess, Thelma Goldberg & Kaelyn Gray

July 18-20 | $597 | Rennie Gold, Derrick Schrader & Jackie Sleight

July 21 | $199 | Scott Fowler

July 22-24 | $699 | Rhee Gold, Hedy Perna & TBA

3-DAY BACK TO BASICS RETREAT (with tumbling)
July 26-28 | $597 | Melissa Hoffman, Pam Simpson & Julie Kay Stallcup

July 29-31 | $849 | Tricia Gomez and special guests