Ian Hockley

Version 2

When the Hockley family relocated from England to Connecticut in the winter of 2011 it was the realization of a family dream. Ian had visited the United States regularly since his early childhood, Nicole was from Rhode Island and Jake was born on the 4th of July, in many ways it was coming home. They moved to the idyllic town of Sandy Hook which Ian selected after touring the beautiful neighborhoods and meeting the staff at the elementary school, knowing Dylan especially would get a fantastic start as they made their new life. This bright beginning ran full force into the American nightmare on December 14th, 2012 when Dylan was gunned down in his first-grade classroom alongside 19 of his fellow students and six amazing educators.


Ian and Nicole created Dylan’s Wings of Change, dedicated to his memory and supporting children no matter what their challenges in life. Working with dedicated experts the foundation created Wingman, a program for dance, schools and sports that inspires children to go above and beyond for others. Wingman is youth led and empowers children to push past perceived differences and build a strong, supportive community where everyone can be themselves. Ian now works full time for the foundation, dedicated to sharing the dream of acceptance and inclusion for all. He warmly shares Dylan’s story with the world, the 6-year old boy who had his own way of communicating, who radiated pure love and described himself as “a beautiful butterfly” to his mother.