Teri Mangiaratti

Teri Mangiaratti is the owner and director of In Sync Center of the Arts in Quincy MA. Her school has grown to more than 1,200 students featuring dance programs for all ages and levels as well as music, yoga, theater and art programs. Her first school opened in 1996 in Weymouth MA, her second location in Milton MA in 1997. Eventually she merged both school in an 8,000 square foot space. As the mother of two young boys, Teri works hard at maintaining the balance of family life, creative artist and business owner. Her school’s mission is to provide a safe place for children to explore their creativity and reach their greatest potential while being surrounded by positive role models and the love to help them to achieve that goal. Her main objective is to be the best mom that she can be while running a successful business. She hopes to be a living example that both are possible by paving your own unique path. Teri has been an attendee at Rhee’s seminars since the beginning when there were only 30 studio owners sitting on the floor bonding over our commonalities. Rhee’s commitment to all different sides of our studio life is why Teri (and her staff) continue to return to his seminars. Teri is thrilled to be able to share her thoughts and experiences with the attendees at Dance Life Teacher Conference.