Thelma Goldberg Bio

Thelma Goldberg DanceLife Retreat Center

Thelma Goldberg grew up in Cambridge, MA, where she studied at Bates School of Dance with Grace C. Bates and Joan F. O’Brien. After graduating from College and earning a Master’s in Special Education, she taught in the Boston Public School system for 8 years. She founded The Dance Inn in 1983, and in 1997 she became executive director of, “Dance Inn Productions”, which produced annual International Tap Day Festivals that honored master tappers. In 2014 she published “Thelma’s Tap Notes, a Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Tap Children’s Edition” and has recently added a DVD which demonstrates her unique series of progressions.  She is passionate about sharing her methods with teachers and continues to teach fifteen hours a week at her studio.