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DanceLife Retreat Center seminars are a dream come true

With a passion for dance education as our foundation, the DanceLife Retreat Center has opened its doors to those who are seeking to continue their education in both the classroom and the business. Retreats often challenge beliefs, while offering the tools to venture into the future with confidence. With groups limited to 35, the DanceLife Retreat Center seminars are very much an up-close and personal experience for attendees.

Rhee Gold, the DanceLife Retreat Center’s owner and director, has created a unique home away from home to welcome a world-wide following of dance school owners and their faculty. The objective is simple; create a beautiful place to learn, share and rejuvenate the dance spirit. In 2012, Gold opened the doors to his 7,000 square foot log and stone residence featuring a gorgeous studio and meeting space that creates the perfect atmosphere to grow and study. The fully restored stone fireplaces and beautiful lodge décor, outstanding landscape and acres of pine trees create a sense of peace from the moment you arrive. All of this located in the New England town of Norton, Massachusetts.

About the DanceLife Retreat Center

The land on which the center is located was once known as the Balfour Estate with over 200 acres of land extending far beyond the current retreat center borders. The Balfour's were the founders of a famous national company, L.G. Balfour Company, which to this day manufactures class and organizational (fraternity, sorority, etc.) rings. Their former estate housed a log mansion which had both an indoor and outdoor pool. Across the street was the Balfour farm producing crops while offering horseback riding and other attractions for the community. In short, this land has always been a an attraction for visitors from the community and beyond.

As time progressed the land and buildings were sold to local contractors. When the recession hit the estate went into steep disrepair. In the fall of 2010 Rhee discovered the abandoned property and started to investigate the possibility of building his dream home where he could welcome his dance friends from around the world.

The town gave Gold the go ahead to begin his one-year restoration and building project and he began the journey. Master masons brought the property's original stone walls and fireplaces back to life, while contractors, landscapers architects and others worked through four seasons to make the DanceLife Retreat Center a reality.

The DanceLife Retreat Center has had a storied history, and we hope that you will join us to become part of the story!